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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Week 3 - Jeannie Morrison Jamieson Milne

Jeannie Morrison Jamieson Milne (1876 - 1948)

Jane circa 1896 - thank you Greg

My Mom's family tree in Canada is well documented in a binder of pages collected and recorded by my Aunt Marjorie and the Jamieson line in that resource started with Jeannie Morrison Jamieson. I was curious to know where she came from and luckily had help with finding out about her. I had email contact with Donna Marie who had been to Scotland in the area she came from and she was curious as well for confirmation of census records she had found online back in 2012. 
This picture of my great grandparents was from my Aunt Marjorie who had written on the back Grannie and Grandad. I think Jeannie, or Jane as she was  known, bears a striking resemblance to Aunt Marge here in the way she smiles. Beautiful ladies indeed! Jane was born in Aucherless, Aberdeen Scotland and had 2 sisters and 2 brothers.  On the 1881 Scotland Census I believe they lived in nearby Gartly.  Her father James W.D. Jamieson was listed as a railway porter and her mother was Margaret "Maggie" Duncan.  He father appears to have died by the time Jane and Alex Milne were married on Christmas Eve 1897. Alex's father was John Milne and his grandfather was Lewis Milne

Text of invitation: Mrs. Jamieson requests the pleasure of ___ company at the marriage of her daughter, Jeannie to Mr. Alex. Milne at the Lodge, Mayne House, Rothiemay, on Friday, twenty-fourth December at half-past two o'clock.  The Lodge , Mayne House.  An early reply will oblige. 
Reply Envelope Address:  Mrs. W.D. Jamieson 34 Shaftesbury Avenue, Chesterfield
I got a the above scan of their wedding invitation from Judy and her husband Sheldon and the location of their wedding Mayne (or Mayen) House was listed for sale online so current pictures of the property are below.   Rothiemay, Scotland is in Aberdeen but the only 34 Shaftesbury Avenue, Chesterfield that "Google" can find is in Derbyshire, England.  Donna Marie heard that Jane's mother lived to an old age in England so that piece fits the puzzle too.  I believe Jane's brother W.D. (William Duncan) can be found in Chesterfield on a 1911 census as a journalist.  I do wonder why their wedding was in Mayen House and what the "Lodge" is, however. 


Aunt Marjorie had also given me this photo of the young Milne family. My grandma, Frances Jeannie, is on her mom's knee which dates this picture to around 1906 when they lived and farmed near Virden. Her husband Alex Milne and three boys John, Alexander, and William Duncan Jamieson are also pictured. Alex emigrated to Canada in the spring of 1904 and then Jane and her three boys followed into the unknown the next spring. What a voyage and then a happy reunion that must have been!  They eventually had eight children - 5 boys and 3 girls.  She would have been a busy farm wife through the war years and the depression in between.
The photo above is of their gravestone in Virden Cemetery and one wonders how her maiden name on it came to spelled  without the "e". My mom was one of  26 grandchildren and she remembers hearing the Scottish brogue of her Granny and Grandad when they lived with her Aunt Nan and Uncle Jim near Hargrave.  When Mom had to leave for school and it was raining she was told she couldn't go.  She replied not to worry that she would "run between the raindrops!" Granny knit socks that Mom remembers giving at a White Gift service at church and she recalls that Jane suffered from "shingles" in her later years. 
Sheldon found and shared her obituary notice from the provincial archives in Winnipeg and that helped confirm the 1881 census was indeed her family when she had 2 sisters and 2 brothers.
This biography of my great grandmother was truly a co-operative effort and I hope that anyone with further (or correcting) information will include it in the comments below!

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