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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Week 8 - Andrew William Carruthers

Andrew William Carruthers (1815 - 1887)

Hoddom Castle in Scotland
Andrew William Carruthers was born October 16, 1815 in the former Hoddom Parish, Dumfriesshire, Scotland and baptised on December 3, 1815.  This area of Scotland has been home to many many generations of Carruthers and they even lived in the Hoddom Castle in the 16th century.  The infamous Lockerbie, Scotland is nearby and the castle and grounds are now a Caravan Park.  (Check out the "Chill Pods" - that's another place I'm staying when I visit Scotland!)
Andrew William's father was William Carruthers and his mother was Elizabeth Carlyle or perhaps Caslyle.  **( See comments below for differing information)**  His being quite a common name, I have not been able to pinpoint when he left Scotland for Canada although it would seem to be in the 1840's. Andrew William Carruthers married Jean (also known as Jane) Steven in Finch County, Ontario in 1857.  He was around 42 years old at the time of their marriage and she was 24.  They went on to have 8 children, 5 boys and 3 girls.

In 1871, he is listed on the Canadian census as William and his wife is Jane.  The couple and 6 children are living in Winchester township.  Their children range in age from 13 years down to 6 months old.  William is a farmer but I have also seen reference online to him being a teacher as well.  It must be in our genes somewhere!

Ten years later they have 6 children as well although 2 have been born since the last census and 2 have left.  William is 65 years old and Jane is 44.  His 17 year old daughter Margaret was my Grandpa Kinnaird's mother and the youngest in the family was 3 year old daughter Christina.  My mom was named after these two women.

William and Jane's children Archibald, Stuart and Martha stayed in Ontario and each raised large families there in Dundas County.  Sons William and Steven came to Manitoba to live in the Virden and Grandview areas respectively.  Daughter Christina came to Virden as well and son Andrew settled in Camrose, Alberta.  Margaret married my blog's Week 6 ancestor William George Kinnaird, had 2 sons, and died young from tuberculosis while still in Ontario.

William died in Dundas County of lung disease exactly one month after his 72nd birthday.  He was listed as a Presbyterian on his death certificate. The grave marker that is pictured above is in Morewood Presbyterian Cemetery in Ontario.

Glen Carruthers of Hamilton, Ontario has an online family tree that lists the over 900 descendants of Andrew and Jane Carruthers spread over a large area of North America. There is another site by Laurie Caron as well that shows our branch of Carruthers as well as many others. As they say - all because two people fell in love...


  1. Hi Glen, I believe we may need to correct our trees. I just found a death registration for William Carruthers as follows: He died 10 Jun 1877 at Welldale in Annan. He was formerly a joiner, and married to Margaret Little. He was 60 years of age and his parents are listed as William Carruthers, farmer, deceased, and Eliza Carlyle, deceased. Cause of death is decline/8 years, no medical attendant. The informant was his daughter Eliza Carruthers, present.

    This would imply that we have the wrong parents for Andrew William Carruthers. Unless there is another William Carruthers and Elizabeth Carlyle in Hoddam around the same time period (1815/1817)?

  2. Thanks for your post, Laurie! I agree that does seem very unlikely! Will continue to search... Sharon

  3. I am of the same opinion, latest info indicates it may not be the correct William in the famiy tree as posted. William born in 1815 remains somewhat of a mystery. Glen Carruthers,

  4. There was a Margaret Carruthers that migrated to Lower part of Quebec before William came to Canada, I believe there is a connection to that family, possibly a sister or an Aunt. I need to dif out that info again.