Friday, 27 June 2014

Week 26 - William Duncan Jamieson

William Duncan Jamieson ( 1883- 1962)

William was the younger brother of my great grandmother. Jeannie Morrison Jamieson Milne.  He was born in Banff, Banffshire,Scotland in 1883. He was the son of Margaret "Maggie" Duncan and James "W.D." Jamieson. 
He can be found as an 8 year old scholar on the 1891 Scottish census living at 18 Catherine Street in Banff with his family.  His mother Margaret is 36, a sister Susan A. is 11, and his younger brother James is 7 years old. This is the only sure thing I know about James, besides being mentioned in Jeannie's obituary in 1948 as living in Banff.  It is a very common name and without a distinct middle name, it may be impossible to find him.
The next online document for William Duncan Jamieson is in March 30, 1907 at the Holy Trinity Church (pictured above) where at 23 years old, he married Frances Lelia Evelyn Robinson in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England. 
The 1911 English census finds the couple with 2 children, Margaret Dorothy (3 years) and Frances Edith (8 months) in England.  William's occupation is listed as a journalist.  I have completed many searches but have not yet come up with any reference to where he worked or if any of his writing was published. 
No other traces of William can yet be found in online searches but his sister Jane's obituary in 1948 says he was still in Sheffield, England then.  Jane and Alex Milne named one of their sons William Duncan in his honor.
William Duncan Jamieson died at age 79 in Sheffield on December 4, 1962 at 79 years old at 64 Archer Lane.  His effects were valued at £42385.  The only beneficiary mentioned is the Williams Deacon Bank Limited.

I hope to find out more about him someday and maybe someone reading this blog can help me!


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