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Simms' 25th Anniversary Party 1940

A 25th Anniversary Celebration for my grandparents was held at their farm on July, 1940.  There were several photos taken that day seventy-five years ago and are a wonderful snapshot of that moment in time.  Guests are listed below with links to their previous blog posts, if I wrote one on them.

My Aunt Dorothy #15 recalls that they made 3 flavours of ice cream for the celebration.  Her twin, my Dad #7 remembers being made to wear shorts, which he hated and hasn't worn since!  They are standing in front of the Simms home on SE 15-14-22 where my parents live today.  The little building to the left of the house was the summer kitchen and there was no porch on the house as there is now.

  1. Olive Henry nee Biccum (widow of James Henry)
  2. Bill Sinclair
  3. Nellie Sinclair
  4.  John Paul (Scotty)
  5. Jean Fortune nee Sinclair
  6. Bob Simms
  7. Donald Simms
  8. Lizzie Morcom nee Sinclair
  9. Mary Simms nee Sinclair
  10. Joyce Fortune later Biccum
  11. Stan Fortune
  12. Jack Morcom
  13. Ken Fortune
  14. Alex Simms
  15. Dorothy Simms later Taylor
  16. Gwen Simms later Milliken
  17. Art Baldwin
  18. Arnold Fortune
  19. Irene Fortune later Parker
  20. Bert Baldwin
  21. Sam Henry
  22. Doris Simms later Henry 
The Photo must have been taken by Jessie Sinclair nee Henry as she is the only one below not in this photo. 
(Thanks Jan for numbering the people in the photo!  So much easier to sort out who is who!)

The Mary and Alex Simms family 
Back - Bob, Mary, Alex
Middle -Doris and Gwen
Front - Donald and Dorothy
The young people - mostly cousins
Sisters and sister-in-laws
Back - Olive Henry, Nellie Sinclair, Mary Simms
Front - Lizzie Morcom, Jean Fortune, Jessie Sinclair

Place cards saved from July 28, 1940 

Front of card from Sam to Alex and Mary 
(The inside is scanned above in bottom left corner)

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