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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Ellis MacDonald Kinnaird (1921-1996)

Ellis McDonald was born on February 23, 1921.  He was the son of Stephen and Ida McDonald and nephew to my grandfather Frank Kinnaird.  His father had a half brother named Ellis who died of influenza and pneumonia at 21 years old in 1918 and he was given his mother's maiden name as his middle name.

Along with his older brother Orval Francis, Ellis grew up with his cheesemaker father.  This history of the Belmeade School  written by Ada Dockstedder Latour says 
"Stephen Kinnaird was the Cheesemaker then.  When someone got hurt we went to their house to get bandages or call home.  I really loved Mrs. Kinnaird.  Their house was at the end of the schoolyard."
Orval and Ellis both served in World war Two. The back of the photo below indicates it was taken in Dorchester, England.
Ellis's father Stephen wrote a letter to his brother Frank on December 22,1944. The following is an excerpt.
Ellis has been in France for some time.  We had a cable from him a couple of weeks ago saying he had arrived back in England.  In a former letter he said he would be seeing Orval before Christmas as they had been writing back and forth. Ellis has had some good times in travelling as he has been in Brussels City in Belgium.  Of course, we do not know of some of the hardships he may have had and also the hardships he is apt to meet yet.. Ellis has been in the Postal Offices, looking after the soldier's mail , Orval is in the medical.  We really don't know what his job is but they are putting lads in whatever they are most needed in.  This was a terrible thing one does not think so much about it till there are some of one's own in it.  I know of some farmers around here who would be mad if the war was to end, as it might put down prices.
Thankfully, both Kinnaird boys made it home safely from overseas.  After the war in May 18 of 1946, Ellis married Audrey Thayer at Stanley's Corners.  

Ellis was listed in family tree documents as a salesman, but I'm not sure of what.They had one daughter, Connie Ruth born in 1947.  

Ellis died on March 23,1996 and his wife Audrey followed four years later.  Any further information or corrections to this post are most welcome.

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