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James "Jim" Elmer Milne (1910 - 1983)

James Elmer Milne was the son of Alexander Milne and Jeannie Jamieson- born July 13, 1910 near Hargrave, MB.   My Grandma Kinnaird was his older sister and he is the last of the Milne family to be featured in a 52 Ancestors blog post.  Previous siblings with their links are:

As a youngster, Jim (as he was known) accompanied his family east to a ranch at East Keremous, BC in 1915 where his younger sister Nan was born.  The family remained there for a few year until his father Alex fell from a horse and badly broke his leg.  They made the decision to move back to Manitoba.

Jim holding his niece Marjorie Kinnaird about 1930 

 about 1933 -  Nan Milne, Sybil O'Neil, Jim Milne with Charlie Milne and Gladys O'Neil in front

Charlie and Jim Milne in front of their home, ready to go curling in Hargrave rink

The twenties and thirties found Jim living and farming just north of Hargrave with his parents along with brother Charlie and sister Nan.  Changes were to come to the Milne household in the next decade when Charlie married in 1940 and Nan in 1945.  Jim's mother Jeannie passed away in 1948 and his father in 1950.  

 Charlie and Jim Milne

 The Milne Farm just northwest of Hargrave about 1959 - Thanks to Ian for this picture 

Below - the barn from the upper left corner and the shed at the very top as they looked on July 20, 2015.  I am guessing the shed was the original barn and the current owner noted the vertical style of the boards is very unusual in Manitoba but more an Ontario style of building.  It is a beautiful building in good shape for its age.

In October of 1959, there was a farm sale and the move back west (where he had been as boy) was made.
Ian has told me that after leaving Manitoba, Jim managed a cattle ranch At Twin Lakes just outside of Penticton, B.C.  It seems this location  is now part of the Nature Conservancy in British Columbia.   Jim later made a venture into running a grocery store in Penticton but that was not to work out. He then went back to work for a well known rancher, Jim Leir.  A new opportunity came along in 1977 and Jim was one of the first people that worked at the General Coach Mobile Home Factory in Penticton and continued there until his retirement.  He died on March 3, 1983. 

Jim at Christmas 1962

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