Sunday, 25 October 2015

My Rubbermaid Archives

After researching in the Winnipeg Archives this summer,  I decided I should go through my own archives in the basement in Rubbermaid tubs.  There I found some things that had come from my Grandma Kinnaird that I forgot I had! The first postcard below must be from 1968 and the second could be from the same trip although it seems more postage was required for it so may have been later.  She would have been visiting her brothers John and Jim Milne and their families. 

Frances (Milne) Kinnaird in Christmas 1965 holding her granddaughter Sharon (me!) Also in the back Judy and Barry Kinnaird and in front Rea Kinnaird, Donna Simms and Lyle Kinnaird

Penticton, B.C., Canada
Main business section of Penticton overlooking the Okanagan lake
 Mar 28
Having a lovely time driving around came to Jim's today till weekend then start home about Wed. or Thurs.  Very cool here.  Went to Van. Mon. & Tues.  Drove for miles out to English Coast saw boats going out & in.  Other place saw boats loading grain at Alberta terminals, flowers starting to bloom, some fruit trees out.  I was out to see H. Hamilton (?) at Burnaby.
Just heard today C. Kerr had passed away.  Sorry to miss the funeral.
Love to all
Highway snow sheds in the Roger's Pass Section of the Trans-Canada Highway.  At this section, the highway passes through the Heaviest snowfall area of the Rockies.  Photo by J.H. Bell  
Sat 4:30 M.S.T.
Hi Sharon & Donna & all
Just got back from a drive around Princeton, mountains on all sides, been having a wonderful time.  wish you were all here.  grass is just beginning to get green, a few early flowers out.  We are going to Penticton tomorrow & Mon to Vancouver for the day.  Had a lovely train trip  stayed in Kamloops till Thurs. noon.  Have not missed any sleep yet.
Be seeing you before long.
Love to all

The things in the photo below were also in the tub, wrapped up in old newspaper.  I remember choosing these things to keep after Grandma died in 1974.  I think I recall them being on the dresser in her bedroom and the two on the left appear to be souvenirs from her trip west or perhaps gifts from her brothers out there.

The handcrafted piece below with the typewritten label "Made in British Columbia"  was always my favourite.  

The definition of a "keepsake" is something that one keeps because of the memories it calls to mind.  These keepsakes will go back to the Rubbermaid tub but the memories remain.

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