Saturday, 11 March 2017

A Blizzard Like the Old Days

A recent three day blizzard here in Western Manitoba reminded me of pictures I had copied from old Kinnaird pictures.  I recall the hen house above that was on my Grandpa and Grandma Kinnaird's farm north of Hargrave at W1-11-27.   The middle picture of the three shows after a tunnel was dug to get to the door and the last picture looks to be before.  Helpfully written on the picture is the year 1947 - 70 years ago!  Thousands of pictures were taken of the storm of 2017 but to take three in a row of the hen house shows it must have been outstanding to them! 
The photo above was also captioned 1947 - Snowplow on Cecil Carruthers' road.  Further research online turns up that January 30 - February 8, 1947 goes down as one of the worst blizzards in prairie history. Stories remain about farmers who had to throw feed down holes that they chopped in the roof for animals trapped in barns and coops. Some roads remained blocked for months until the Spring melt. Other pictures of the aftermath of the Blizzard of '47 that were taken in Saskatchewan and found online are below:


What a huge challenge that must have been with limited communication,  no prior warning and only the most basic in machinery to clean it up!  I have a feeling the people of the post war time, including my grandparents, looked after themselves and their neighbours without expecting any outside help and without complaint.  It was just a reason to take pictures for their granddaughter to see 70 years in the future!

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