Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mission Soda Sign

 This cardboard advertising sign for Mission soft drinks came to my house from the Sinclair home in the late 1980's. The colour on it remains bright and it hangs in my basement to hopefully keep it that way.  It was in the attic of their house but I'm not sure where or who might have aquired it. I have been unable to find a similar one searching online.  EBay has several bottles, crates, openers that advertise this brand but nothing like this one.  This blog says Mission Soda made soft drinks from 1929 through1970 and like most smaller bottlers, was bought up and amalgamated into Coke and Pepsi bottlers.

Cleo Moore (1924-1973) was an actress in the fifties known as one of he blonde bombshells following the trend of Marilyn Monroe. This video from YouTube highlights her movie career

When I saw the Mission Beverages clock pictured below at ebay,  I knew I'd seen it somewhere in my childhood before.  It is posted for sale at $225.00! Was it in Glinz's store or Freida's cafe in Oak River?  Does anyone else remember?

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