Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Story of Grandma's Silverware

Silverware - still searching for the name of the pattern.  Who knew there were so many?  

After Jeannie Milne died in 1948, my Grandma Frances Milne Kinnaird did all she could to help out her dad, Alex Milne and his son Jim who were farming nearby.  She often took them meals, did their laundry, and did anything for them while she was busy with her own chores and family.

Frances with two oldest children, Marjorie in arms and Keith.

Alexander and Jeannie had a large family of eight and apparently Alex regretted not being able to give his children much as they grew and had families of their own.  One can only imagine living in those times with a large family and depending on farming for their livelihood.  Luckily for them, living on a farm meant they could try to be self-sufficient with much of the food and were able to sell the surplus for other necessities.  This self-sufficiency came with hard work and frugality at every turn.
Jeannie and Alex Milne
Aunt Marge tells me her Grandad, Alex decided to buy Frances, his eldest daughter, a set of silverware. He ordered a set of William Rogers silverware from the Eaton's catalog and Aunt Marge recalls it came in a cardboard box, which has long since worn out.  The silverware itself remains in use in the home of Frances' children Marjorie and Margaret as well as her son Keith's children. Every object has a story and I'm glad this one was shared with me.

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